Cold Traveler

by Drover Shy

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released March 25, 2014

All songs written and performed by Tory and Emory Davis

Recorded at EDRC Studios in San Pedro, Ca
Recording engineers Topher Hook & James “Chase Green” Brown
Mixed by Topher Hook, Chief Engineer at EDRC Studios
Mastered by Kurt Wipfli at Wiptrax Mastering Studios, San Antonio, Tx



all rights reserved


Drover Shy Los Angeles, California

Drover shy is an acoustic-folk duo from nowhere in particular, currently based out of the great and terrible sprawl of Los Angeles. Drover shy’s music is characterized by visceral storytelling and strong acoustic guitar-driven rhythms. Influenced by the nature's haunt, the workers toil, and the darker side of human proclivities, their music is sharp, catchy, and quietly eerie. ... more

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Track Name: Death's Elegy
Behind the old barn there’s a graveyard, where we found Death with his head in his hands. Two oaks on each side framed his remorse; further back by the stream laid a lamb.

We asked, “Why all the sorrow and sadness? Did you lose something up in those trees? These woods are a danger for many folk. It’s not safe to be down on your knees.”

He cried, “ Oh-h-h heavy is my regret. I loved what was not mine to love. My home’s below and not above, and so heavy is my regret.”

He said, “I fell for the old woodsman’s daughter, her eyes green as moss and auburn hair. You see, I had come for her father, but I got trapped in the warmth of her stare.

Her lips tinted red from the crimson ale, her kiss would send fire down my spine. I drank her in softly and slowly; an angel on earth, she was mine.

He cried, “ Oh-h-h heavy is my regret. I loved what was not mine to love. My home’s below and not above, and so heavy is my regret.”

Our love would have lasted a lifetime. We sang by the meadows and vines. We always would end up in her bed, but last night we laid up in mine.

He cried, “ Oh-h-h heavy is my regret. (I’m missing her tenderness) I loved what was not mine to love. My home’s below and not above, and so heavy is my regret.”
Track Name: She-Wolf and the Hare
She said, “I’m weary,” to the hare at the water’s edge,
“Life is so dreary, why not just spend it in the hedge?
Cause I’ve been on my knees, all buried in leaves, I beg and I plead but my claws just collect dirt.
If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, the demons come clean, and the lepers believe that the young are meant to burn.

“The sky’s diseased. I guess we’ll see who’s faster now.”

He said, “My lover, was taken by a beast!
Covered in talons, it carried her out of reach.
Since then I’ve been on my own, protecting my bones, I sleep under stones so my enemies think I’m crushed.
And I cut off the head, of a serpent that pledged he needed a bed now he’s sleeping in the brush!

“Don’t be deceived, who’s faster? Please! You’ll soon find out.
This river bleeds, my victories.”

You can stomp your feet till your lungs give out, but the devil won’t hear you cry.
Bet you thought you’d get the best of me, well you never know till you try.
You can make your peace with the god you love, cause you’re gone when the thunder rolls.
This river will take what’s left of you, but I’m gonna take your soul!
Track Name: Br'er Owl
I built my bed in the tallest of the trees, the highest canopy, it kept me safe from all the beasts.
I broke my bread, with the coldest travelers, they plowed into the earth, raised their towers, spread their warmth

the town was pure - a beacon - I was sure! its luster and demure healed the rich and blessed the poor.
The days were long, the hills were filled with song, our hearts all marching on and for awhile we all belonged.

Oh my Lord it's all too much, I'd never seen such beauty come from dust.

Then like a weed, she rose up from the east, dug her fingers in the streets, and they coiled around my tree
Inch by inch, and ever slowly, she poisoned all my roots, i pleaded for a truce, but my floors had rotted through.

She burned their inns, so they offered up their kin, put her image in their dens, prayed the horror would rescind.
Every back will break when there's nothing left to bend. All the tears are forming creeks, though I'm still up out of reach, I think it's time that I should leave!

Oh my lord I've had enough, I'll pack my bags and soar into the dusk.
I fared much better on my own, I never should have left my treetop home.

Oh my Lord I can't give up, I'll hold my ground, bleed for this town I love.
Sun has set on my longest day. Darkness rise! My weary friends remain.
[ohohohoh] Oh Lord at least we won't be alone.
Track Name: Be Mine
Would you be my dreams, so I can sleep?

Would you be the warmth, between the sheets?

When I walk through the hall, would you be the creaks?

When I keep the faith, please don’t disbelieve.

Wretched shell I am.

I’ll find you, though I’m wandering. 

Would you be the road, for when I run?

Would be the trigger, on my gun?

When I’m out to sea, would you be the wind?

When I’m feeling holy, would you be my sin?

Wretched shell I am.

I’ll find you, though I’m wandering.

(Your love is dear)

Would you be my hymn, when I need a song?

Would you be the comfort, when I don't belong?

I am so diseased, would you be the cure?

If I’m captivated, please be my allure!

Wretched shell I am.

I’ll find you, though I’m wandering.

When I war with myself, be my defense.

I’ve lost the beginning, would you be my end?
Track Name: We Go On
I was lost down in the basin with my knuckles cracked from cold.
When I came upon a sparrow buried knee deep in the snow.
He smelled of southern whiskey and he hiccuped when he spoke.
He said, “Why continue onward, when the balance has long been broke?”

I made him a bed in my coat pocket and we headed through the canyon.
And the Moon soon lost its grip and left its children all abandoned.
My friend had drifted off, but then he jerked awake and ranted,
“This world soon must be culled of its poets and romantics.”

“Tell me, how long, do we go on, and labor in vain?”

We were nearly to the crossing when a howl ripped through the grey sky.
I said, “ All your caterwauling antics have finally stirred a wolf pack nearby.”
He crowed, “Do we only accept the good, and simply cast the terrors aside?
They say to choose the narrow road, but don’t tell you it’s covered in horned vines.
Have we believed the only Truth or a philosophy of old lies?”

“Tell me, how long, do we go on, and labor in vain?”

We made it to the hilltop, but my traveler was noiseless.
The poison in his heart became the poison in his whole chest.
I couldn’t help but weep as I hovelled out a new bed.
I marked it with a stone, and his final words I left etched.

“Tell me, how long, do we go on, and labor in vain?”