Dark Winter Pass

by Drover Shy

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released March 7, 2011

Emory Davis III, Tory Varney



all rights reserved


Drover Shy Los Angeles, California

Drover shy is an acoustic-folk duo from nowhere in particular, currently based out of the great and terrible sprawl of Los Angeles. Drover shy’s music is characterized by visceral storytelling and strong acoustic guitar-driven rhythms. Influenced by the nature's haunt, the workers toil, and the darker side of human proclivities, their music is sharp, catchy, and quietly eerie. ... more

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Track Name: John D. Berringher
Well I came from far enough, but too close to discern
And though my countenance is rough, and my name’s of no concern.
The last place I rolled through the wolves all looked like sheep.
And the sheep looked like tombs, from the company they’d keep.
It wasn’t true, it felt like I’d been there before.

So I had to run away, from decay, the hills now are my home.
A good day, is a heavy rain, cause its cover my tracks while I roam.
I can’t stay, in one place, cause the sandman will find me.
One ear to the ground, back to the sounds, and they say flee.

Well my feet contain my rage, so I stomp them to the beat.
If I could only find my way, I’d run towards Calvary.
I’d set a field on fire, to watch the crops blaze.
Distract my assailants, who’d keep me in a cage.
Word to the wise, don’t blink, cause I’ll be gone.

Wish I could find, just any old, cold peace of mind, to keep in line. The hounds are still so close behind. My scent will keep them alive.

If I could boast, be that I’m near the other side. Lets make a toast, for the arrival of my ghost. I think I still can make the coast.
Track Name: Back to the Sea
The sun has set itself on the tips of western hills, snake in it’s den, but for me I’m standing still, my mind a wheel.

And you took most of your garments and your clothes, the smell of your hair will forever be imposed upon these walls.

My darling won’t be waiting there for me, came up short at the river bend and creek bed, so I came back to the sea, and the waves are whispering, this lover’s own defeat.

And the ocean is as blue as it is cruel, I let the gold slip through my hands, while I drank and danced and proved that I’m the fool. And the whiskey is the ruse, it seems my fears are true.

My eyes have slurred and my speech is but a blur, courage is fire, but it seems I’ve lost my nerve, down in the dirt.

I stumble way into the town, “if you are lost, surely you can be found.” Just turn around.

I can hear your cutting words. I feel your shadow creeping on me in the night, I could have stopped that final fight, but instead I waved goodbye.
Track Name: Please
I watched the Night and the end of all things good has just begun
I asked Sir fox, “Have you ever saved the soul of anyone?”

He took a breath, spit out his cigarette and looked at me
And said, “What for, my road to Hell was paved my good deeds.”

He said, “Please, why should I waste all the air that I breathe? Just cause there’s pain and there’s blood in the trees? I know I did my best to serve now these blackbirds are circling over me! I would concede, that there is nothing left for us to see, this place is ruled by a throne of deceit, you do your best to follow me, pack up your bags and stripes, and let this old world be.”

I burned my home,” continued on my redtailed companion. “What’d be the point, of holding on things that make me grin?”

I said, “Now wait, that seems to much a bold and rash action. What about the Saints you have ever even tried advice from them?”

He said, “Well aren’t we just a little more dust and bone? Just trying find a hole and someone so we’re not alone? But as we get older our smell is gone and muscles groan. Did you hear about Mister Owl and his Brother Jones?”

I said, “does that mean that I curse the sky and hibernate? Just so I slumber down and then dream about things I hate? My furry friend I’m glad can still forage around have debates, but I think you’ve made a big mistake!”

“Just face the facts, or live your life with your head stuck in the dirt, a mockingbird will mark your grave, and laugh at what you learned!”
Track Name: Brothers Born
Our mother tried her best to raise us true, and our father split and all he left were shoes, and some excuse, “I’m hitting the road with Lady Loose.”

So we played with rattler’s nests instead of cards, cause the Devil’s picture book was in our hearts, we played the part, of the Joker and all the trouble that he starts.

Our enemies are deep down in the snow. So no one can know, how many lives we stole. These ropes are thick as thieves around our throats, Sworn as Brothers Born, and as Brothers we will go.
(As the light fades from our eyes the wind will blow)

And looks like all these notes we hit were wrong, maybe one day we will finally sing along, we’re not countin on, one blink and all the time we had is gone.

We wanted all the Glory not the Pause, we cut off all the fingers that were crossed, and took what we took, and if they fought us then we’d hang em’ on a hook.

Looks like these Heads, are gonna Roll.
Track Name: Wings and Bones
I came across an angel, as she laid flat on the tracks. Skin beautiful as porcelain, but her eyes were painted black.

She said, “I don’t know what will take me, this train or winter’s frost. And I hope he’s got some mercy, cause my Trial Town is lost.”

She whispered,

“Pray, while I’m on my way, no I can’t stay, I’m waiting for the dawn to take me on home.
I found I’m not brave, but much too late, darkness left scars on both my wings and my bones.
Oh, I can’t wait, there’s Hell to pay, please hold my hand so I don’t die here alone.
Why did I think that I could do this on my own.”

“I was sent here for the righteous, but all I found were pigs. Snouts buried in the meadow, with their bellies getting big.”

“Who’d dare to save a city, when the cribs are filled with drunks. They’re taking baths in moonshine! And my hope is all but sunk!”

You said, “You’re better off! Well I hope you’re better off this way! You best be better gone!”

“If you could take my place sir, I’d be very much obliged; you seem a man of kindness, though there’s fire in your eyes.”

“I don’t know who has burned you, but you’ve got more grit than me. And if you believe in redemption, then give my hand a squeeze.”