The Haunting

by Drover Shy

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Your mournful cry filled the air,
as the sparrow flew up to feed her lair.
One panicked lie, mixed truth left to die,
led to a boy once filled with life, now with despair.

And your mouth still could taste the sweetness of bitter skin.
How she smiled at you, blinked twice, then let you in.
Anticipation that is built till the two are joined,
precedes regret, now all that’s left, fingers to point.
What you didn’t know is how they bruise.

You reach for the trick to numb the burst.
Withdraws seize your body when you think of her.
And the betrayal flies around the room and collides
with the birth of a hatred of a hope that’s cursed.

And you embrace the serpent’s swill to ease your ill.
Peel back your mind to escape the reason for a thrill.
Oh your eyes open wide, to the veil that’s designed, just to disguise evil’s plain clothes. You’ve gone for broke,
just rip a match and blow the smoke.

Oh and that twitch in your eye tells a tale
like an old man on a hill.
Have I watched you fall away at a distance that’s still counted for the kill?
If the past has taught me anything it’s that the haunting slowly lifts when it is time.
So I’ll burn and stare at the stars, and I hope I’ll see you on the other side.

If the past has taught me anything it’s that the haunting always leaves its winter’s chill.
Though you’ve been broken down, that means someday there will be some room to build.


released May 29, 2011
Emory Hoosier



all rights reserved


Drover Shy Los Angeles, California

Drover shy is an acoustic-folk duo from nowhere in particular, currently based out of the great and terrible sprawl of Los Angeles. Drover shy’s music is characterized by visceral storytelling and strong acoustic guitar-driven rhythms. Influenced by the nature's haunt, the workers toil, and the darker side of human proclivities, their music is sharp, catchy, and quietly eerie. ... more

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